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I miss good questions. That is why this newsletter is dedicated to the art of formulating and asking questions. I will share with you interesting questions, helpful questions, stimulating and also irritating questions, those that trigger something and have the power of change.

FEELING PIECES are those connections we make with ourself and with other people when we are being asked good questions, when we reflect them and think about what to answer. When those questions resonate with us and eventually they stimulate emotions and thoughts – we get inspired.

The world needs more good questions

Because questions inspire me so much, I share questions that I consider to be good. Questions that help me or questions that I have had good experiences with. Questions with which people surprise, inspire and irritate me. This newsletter is about my passion of asking questions - I will share my favorite questions with you, I go in search of new, exciting and challenging questions. Because that's what this world needs: Good, irritating, reflective questions that replace speculation with knowledge and insight. That allow for sincere, interested exploration and learning.

A community of good questions

If you know or hear such questions, feel free to send them to me - I want to create a community of good questions. Here we share insights, bring them to life and develop them further. I also invite you to engage with yourselves; so please feel free to use the questions for your own reflection as well.

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